I grew up in San Antonio, Texas up until I went to college at age 17, then I moved to College Station to attend Texas A&M University. My love for photography started in high school and carried on into college, but at the time I was more of a nature photographer. I loved photographing flowers, landscapes, and the like.

When I graduated college and moved to Houston, my youngest sister asked me to do her senior photos. She was my first human subject, and I thought the photos were SO good! Thankfully, I've grown since then. However, that shoot kickstarted my whole career!  Her friend liked her photos that she asked if I'd do hers too, and then another person asked me to shoot their wedding, and then more and more people started asking for sessions! 

So, here I am, 15 years later, creating art for people and capturing precious memories for life-changing events. And of course, as a photographer, I love taking pictures of my family and having shoots done with them! Like you, I want to make sure these moments are captured as well. 

Your Houston Rainbow Baby Photographer

I'm Allyson :)

am so excited you're here! Photography is absolutely a passion of mine, but even more so, my family is my pride and joy! I have been married to my husband Fernando for 4 years, ! have 5 kids (3 bonus and 2 bio), and 2 energetic dogs.


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A snapshot into my life

Photos taken by Allyson Jaimes, Sierra Negron, Andrew Dees, and Tiffany Lanza

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Anyone who knows me knows I adore my family. They are my pride and joy and my biggest fans. We have twin teenage boys, a preteen girl, a toddler boy, and a baby boy. It's a full house here!

Andrew plays baseball, Joseph plays tennis, Gabby plays the violin, Noah loves everything his siblings do and Simon loves to crawl and explore. Fernando and I LOVE food, and we love trying new dishes to make at home!

My adorable kids


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We are definitely a traveling family. Road trips are more our thing, and we've driven across tons of states and stopped in each one to take pictures and try new places to eat. 

Our family tradition is to stop somewhere and take a photo with a sign with the state name somewhere in the background, and we always try to find out that that state is known for food-wise and try the food before we leave. We've tasted all kinds of new food because of it!

All over the country


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Our family is always finding new recipes to try, and we are no stranger to cuisines out of the country! We love Caribbean, Vietnamese, Indian, and Japanese to name a few.

We also love to try foods from the states! We will go to local restaurants, find something new we like, and go home and try to recreate it. Supporting local businesses is really important to Fernando and I, so we always end up going back, even if our recreation at home is a success. With five kids, sometimes cooking is exhausting!

lambi and plantains


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I have been very vocal about pregnancy complications since my first pregnancy. My first and third pregnancy resulted in miscarriage, and my second and fourth pregnancies I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a rare pregnancy condition that causes extreme nausea and vomiting (no, it's not just morning sickness and ginger and crackers don't work). 

Unfortunately, some people don't know or understand much about pregnancy complications, whether during pregnancy or postpartum. My goal is to help spread as much education as I can to help people who aren't familiar with pregnancy issues learn more about them. Knowledge about these situations can help advocate for more creative ways to deal with them effectively and increase support.

my rainbow baby

advocating for pregnancy complications

My Favorite Things

Hands down, the best newborn photographer I have encountered. I didn't think it was possible for anyone to be so patient and efficient at the same time. This is definitely the best plug for newborn photos in the Houston area. Plus our photos came out heavenly.

newborn Session


Allyson did a great job with our family pictures. She was accommodating and came to our home. Our youngest is Autistic and I was worried about being able to get good pictures of him. She was so sweet and not only got great pictures of him but our whole family!

family Session


Allyson makes it very comfortable to get photos done with! When I felt nausea just from being pregnant she was so sweet by offering treats and drinks to help! Photos are awesome, I can’t believe how photogenic I look! 

maternity Session


Allyson was awesome to work with. She made me feel comfortable and my daughter loved working with her. I can’t wait to see how the pictures turned out. She will be our photographer for the future.

family Session


I had a faux maternity shoot done because I missed out when I was pregnant with my daughter. Allyson did an amazing job helping me relive the magic I missed being stationed overseas at the time with limited resources. I’m so thankful for the experience she made me feel beautiful! I am beyond thankful she made it so fun and supplied the dress and hair and makeup I felt pampered!

maternity Session


I am so happy with how my son's newborn pictures came out. Allyson was so patient and sweet with my baby. I was amazed at how gently she was able to wrap and maneuver his little body. The experience and the photos were amazing. I highly recommend her!

Newborn Session


Allyson is a true artist and master of her work. She did all the hard work of coming up with the ideas, from the location and dress/props for my maternity and newborn shoots to the poses for us to do. The photos were breathtaking and truly captured "us", my husband and I will treasure them forever. We were able to order prints directly from her which she delivered herself. She was so professional and made the whole process enjoyable for us. Allyson is by far the best photographer we have ever worked with and we will continue to use her for all of our family's photography needs.

maternity Session

Rachel & William

I had maternity photos taken with Allyson, and they were amazing! She knew exactly where to go to capture the photos I had in mind, and was professional but still friendly.
I did not feel awkward or uncomfortable posing at any point, even though I was about 35 weeks pregnant.
The pictures were beautiful, and I love seeing them on my wall!

maternity Session

Priya & Jordan

Allyson is phenomenal! Extremely prepared and professional. She takes the guesswork out of outfits for maternity and newborn shoots. Would definitely recommend!

maternity Session



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Helping you navigate what it is you're looking for is my highest priority. Whether you know exactly what you want already or have no idea, I'll walk you through each step of the process to make your vision come to life. Contact me today so we can get started!

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